Adoption Information:

Here at Noah's Ark we have set procedures that everyone must follow in order to adopt an animal. First, we do not adopt any animals as gifts. If you are looking to give a gift of a new pet you can purchase a gift certificate or the person you are adopting for would have to come with you. We do not recommend giving pets as gifts. Second, all people that live in the household MUST come in and meet the animal you are interested in adopting. There are no exceptions to this rule. Once you have done this you can fill out an application and leave a non refundable deposit on the pet. This holds the pet for you.

There is a 24 hour wait on all adoptions, you will be able to pick the pet up the following day. There is a counseling session where we go over valuable information with you regarding food, training, and care.

Our Fees

Cats are $125, dogs are $175 unless they are purebred and then they are $210. All of our animals receive shots while they are here including a rabies shot for dogs over 4 months old. They are also all micro-chipped with the chip registered to the adopter and the fee also includes their spay or neuter at our vet.